About Me

 Although this blog is about makeup, fashion and looking pretty, I believe beauty is a light in the heart.

I wear big and ugly T-shirt at home, my hair up in a messy bun. I get pimples during the time of the month and if I don't sleep enough. I get freckles from the sun. I have horrible eye bags. I rub my eyes so much I have premature wrinkles around my eyes. I need to go for waxing and threading to keep my skin hairless. My boss says I look sloppy when I go to work without makeup. On lazy days when I don't feel like putting on makeup, my friends ask me if I am sick. I am not one whom model agencies will pick for photo shoots.

My teeth are all over the place. My big front teeth make me look like a hamster. My eyebrows go wild if I don't groom them. My hair is curly and it becomes a wild animal that needs to be tamed when the weather is humid. I gain weight if I eat uncontrollably and do not exercise. I sometimes like my nail polish chip because I am too lazy to remove them. I am combination oily skin: my T-zone is very oily and the skin on my cheek flakes if it is too dry. I hate drawing attention to my ears because one of them doesn't have half of the earlobe. Strange huh? That is why I rarely wear earrings when my hair is up.

I dream about having my own cosmetic line and expanding it overseas. Although this dream sounds absurd even to myself, I am still striving.

I feel self conscious when people give me strange looks. I don't like the feeling of being rejected. I have gotten my heart broken. I have been misunderstood. People think I am arrogant and unfriendly.

As much as I try to be nice to everybody, I have evil thoughts.

I am very far away from being perfect. I am not flawless.

However, I am proud of myself in spite of all my imperfections because I believe that God makes no mistake.

To those who feel ugly, insecure, fat or oily, I understand how you feel. Trust me, I do!

I find people who are confident and who have inner beauties extremely attractive. And I believe I am not the only one who think this way.

You are beautiful just the way you are. As cliche as this may sound, it is true! It does not matter if you do not have the dreamiest eyes, the sexiest lips, the most lustrous hair or the most curvacious body. I strongly believe that inner beauty is what matter most.

People with inner beauties emit light. Be the one who lights up people's lives by being kind, supportive, helpful and selfless. Be the one who gives a helping hand to those who have fallen and skinned their knees.

Beauty is not in the face but a light in the heart. Makeup is after all a layer of colours. Be confident about and proud of who you are. You will stand out!
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